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Uh, I think hell just froze over. Conway Twitty and The Residents?

Happy birthday, Conway Twitty! Thank you for being my very first concert.

King of All Cosmos

listening to "The Beta Band - Dry The Rain" on Blip

Posted on 2010.08.17 at 16:49
Distraction: Band - D
I cannot tell you why I love this song as much as I do.

And Germaine Bazzle. This song is making me oh so happy today.

'Sup bitches!

Long Time, No Type

Posted on 2010.05.15 at 09:39
Flavor: contentcontent
Distraction: Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, and Loretta Lynn - "I Forgot More Than You'll Ever
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Howdy, friends and neighbors! I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya . . .

No, but seriously. I've been trying to do a "real" blog over at blogspot and haven't been doing many journal-y entries over here. Things are going well, though. How are you? I just got back from a whirlwind trip to TCAF in Toronto and a visit to Niagara Falls. I'm about to upload an asston of photos and I will make sure to link. I don't really have it in me to do a full on travel log right now, so I'll give you Auntie Kat's quick capsule summary: The weather in Toronto was cold as balls (which, actually, is just how I like it), TCAF was amaaaaaaazing, I went in a Prada boutique wearing a Kiss T-shirt and a Red Lantern button, the falls were beautiful and the food in Niagara is laughably expensive. Maybe a longer, David Byrne type entry later, but right now I'm going to curl up with comics and probably watch A New Hope.

'Sup bitches!

A Shamefully Hasty Post.

Posted on 2010.03.07 at 19:35
Flavor: giddygiddy
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Hellooooooo, livejournal friends! I've missed you all, but I've gotten internet lazy. I have been blogging over on blogspot, and will post a link tomorrow. If any of you are on facebook or twitter, please hook up with me there. Those sites are much more accommodating for a lazy ass like myself. :-D

So, if you remember, I am an Oscar freak. I got lazy this year and didn't post a good blog entry, but below is a copy of my blogspot entry. I'll post a real one tomorrow. Promise.

I feel shameful. Tonight is my Christmas. I seriously look forward to this night so very much . . . and I normally write, about a week before, a very well thought blog (previously on livejournal, FYI), about my who and why picks of the evening. Not tonight, sadly. Tonight you get a super quick double listing of "gonna" and "wanna." Enjoy!

I have tried for many years to see every film nominated for a major award. Last year I was only one short, this year I am short by three (A Single Man, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, and The Young Victoria). Next year is my year, friends!

Oh, for what it's worth, my favorite movies of the year were Up, The Watchmen, The Road, and . . . hmmm . . . probably District 9. Oh, and Precious! That movie blew my mind.

I'll be cracking open my bottle of Shiraz shortly, and a hangover blog will follow tomorrow. Happy Oscar Night, friends and neighbors!

Without further adooooo (*sic, I know):

Gonna Wins:
Supporting Actress: Monique.
Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz.
Actress: Bullock. I don't even like typing that.
Actor: Bridges.
Director: James Cameron.
Original Screenplay: This is a tough one. I'm calling Up.
Adapted: Up in the Air.
Animated: Up. Duh.
Picture: I really think Avatar is going to win. And if it does, I might be breaking up with Oscar.
Art Direction: Avatar. Again, duh.
Cinematography: Avatar.
Visual Effects: Avatar. Do I need to say "duh" again?
Make Up: Star Trek?
Editing: Avatar
I'm skipping the sound categories, because I truly don't know or understand their qualifications.
Score: Avatar

I want to win:
Supporting Actress: Monique.
Supporting Actor: Woody Harrelson.
Actress: Gabourey Sidibe, baby! I feel good about it, I really do. I'll cry so hard if she wins.
Actor: Bridges.
Director: Katherine Bigelow. I want this. I love her. Near Dark is one of my favorite movies. As recently tweeted, I am way too emotionally invested in her winning of this award. Way.
Original Screenplay: Up. Or The Messenger, I'm torn.
Adapted Screenplay: Precious. Sorry, District 9, I love you too, but Precious touched me more. HA! SEE HOW I'M PUNNY THERE?!!? (Yeah, that was wildly inappropriate but I'm a little giddy at this point)
Animated: Up. But Secret of Kells was cool as hell.
Picture: The Hurt Locker. For real.
Art Direction: Avatar (keeping in mind I didn't see two of the flicks nominated)
Cinematography: The Hurt Locker (but the camera work in The White Ribbon was AMAZING, and I just might pick that topic as my hangover blog tomorrow).
Visual Effects: Avatar. Duh.
Editing: The Hurt Locker
Score: Up.

Good lord, how have I gone this long without listening to Lea DeLaria? Tried to blip her cover of Black Hole Sun but couldn't find it.

King of All Cosmos

listening to "Slayer - Angel of Death" on Blip

Posted on 2010.01.25 at 12:47
Distraction: Ang
I'm sorry, the scream never fails to crack me up. Killer song, regardless of my own giggle factor.

MAN I love this song.

King of All Cosmos

listening to "no artist - Tones on Tail - Go" on Blip

Posted on 2009.12.10 at 14:09
Distraction: - Tones o
Searched for this song for years. Hard to google a song when the only lyrics you know are " ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya."

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